• MNC Pictures

    Established in 2005, MNC Pictures has already produced various high-quality programs covering drama series, theatrical movies, TV movies, variety shows, reality shows, music programming and documentaries.

    In 2017, MNC Pictures produced drama series “Dunia Terbalik” the most favorite drama. MNC pictures also produced others chart topping drama series such as “Tukang Ojek Pengkolan”, “Cinta Dari Surga”, “Cahaya Hati”, and many more.

  • MNC Animation

    MNC Animation (“MNCA”) has been established in Jakarta on November 2011. MNC Animation is one of the subsidiaries company of MNC Group, focusing to develop IPs into animation production and related IP business. MNCA has completed several animation series such as "Entong" season 1 & 2 and "KIKO" pre-season.

    MNC Group’s aggressive investment in the expansion of its animation arm, MNCA has launched its first international project TV series called “KIKO” to the world. Currently the top-rating animated children’s series on Indonesian free-to-air TV, KIKO has quickly captured a lot of interest from International market, and currently many different regions and pan deal process going on, including major distribution partners.