• Established on 24 August 1989, RCTI is currently the most-watched and widely broadcasted Free-to-Air TV station in Indonesia. As the largest national FTA TV station, RCTI offers an extensive array of diverse programs including serial drama, box office movies, sports events, talent search shows, reality shows, music shows and various infotainments.

    In 2018, RCTI performed exceptionally well. The Company posted primetime audience share of 18.3% while all-time audience share reached 14.7%. The strong performance by RCTI can be attributed to excellent in-house productions of serial drama, which include Dunia Terbalik, TOP - Tukang Ojek Pengkolan and Cinta yang Hilang. The international talent search franchise program Indonesian Idol also outperformed and managed to rake in an average of 13.9% audience share.

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