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MNC Trijaya Won 2 Journalist Awards

JAKARTA - Throughout this August, Radio MNC Trijaya won two prestigious national journalistic awards. Begin from Journalist Arief Sinaga, who won the first place of Anugerah Jurnalistik Bank Indonesia for Radio category. The award was given directly by the Governor of BI, Perry Warjiyo, at Kompleks Bank Indonesia (BI) Jakarta, on Sunday (08/18/2019).

Through the feature 'Jurus BI Dorong UMKM Go International,' Arief Sinaga explores the role of BI in raising SME to the world level. “When I visited Ulos store in Medan, I watched by myself how much BI's leadership influence for SME,” Arief said.

Three days later, on Wednesday (08/21/2019), MNC Trijaya trophies collection increased again. This time, a feature made by Journalist Anang Purwanto is the best in the Radio category. Through his work, Anang highlighted the dangers of cigarettes that lurked the young generation of Indonesia.

“I took this theme because I was inspired by a message vlog from the former of Kapusdatin BNPB, almarhum Sutopo, who was viral on social media. The point is, young people should not try smoking,” Anang said.

For Anang, this is the second title in succession after last year also won in the same category.

Chief Editor of MNC Trijaya, Gaib Maruto Sigit, said MNC Trijaya's victory in two journalistic competitions at BI and the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) was a form of high appreciation for the journalists’ works.

“The work submitted for the competition is a work that we have aired for the public, so it is not specific for the competition,” said Gaib.

He hoped that journalistic works would have a good impact on alteration and civilization. The most important thing is radio journalism still exists and gives colors to the public space.


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