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Launched RCTI+ Streaming Service at the RCTI 30th Anniversary, HT: Keep Being Trendsetter

JAKARTA, - RCTI+ from MNC Group finally has officially launched. This Over the Top (OTT) streaming service will broadcast four television stations, such as RCTI, MNCTV, GTV, and iNews in live.

The launched event will be held in the peak of the RCTI 30th Anniversary event at Ecovention Ancol, Jakarta, on Friday (23/8/2019) night.

“The people will have a choice to watch via standard television or streaming via their gadgets,” said MNC Group Chairman, Hary Tanoesoedibjo (HT).

HT explained, in the future RCTI+ shows will be more various and continue to be developed. So, it can provide a pleasant viewing experience for the people.

“Later, there will be lots of interesting content or other programs, which are certainly related to television programs on conventional TV,” said the man who led more than 100 companies.

On this anniversary, HT is grateful and hopes that RCTI could continue to be the leader in its field.

“It must still be a market leader, trendsetter, set as a model for other TVs. Of course, for the benefits of the Indonesian people,” HT said.

The RCTI+ OTT service will broadcast contents that related to MNC Media's FTA broadcasts, which include RCTI, GTV, MNCTV, and iNews TV.

Not only that, but viewers will also be treated with contents related to FTAs, such as bloopers, behind the scenes, quizzes, and auditions.

RCTI+ is believed to be a contributor to larger revenue for MNC Group. With a 40 percent audience share or around 100 million TV viewers who have been loyal viewers of 4 TV MNC Group, it can be a potential visitor of this OTT.

Besides RCTI+, MNC has 2 (two) other OTTs for Pay TV and independent OTT.

For OTT Pay TV, MNC Vision, MNC Play, K-Vision customers can watch via streaming anywhere at any time, according to their preferred channel.

In addition, there is an independent OTT. This OTT will joint venture with a subsidiary of Baidu. This streaming service is believed to be the largest in Asia.

In the future, digital revenue is expected to continue to increase. As an illustration, in the first quarter of 2019, digital revenue contributed almost 9 percent of total advertising revenue.

Digital advertising in the first half of 2019 reached 318 percent to IDR 325.2 billion compared to the same period in 2018, which was IDR 77.6 billion.

That night, RCTI's 30th Anniversary was spectacular. South Korean singer, Lee Taemin performed as an opening the event perfectly.

Ecovention Ancol rumbled as SHINee's personnel began to sing the song ‘Move’. Shawol, as a fan of SHINee, shouted out the name of the idol. They also sang along the song.

In addition to Lee Taemin, the RCTI Anniversary was enlivened by a lot of top singers and bands from the country, including Dewa, Wali, Inul Daratista, Ahmad Abdul, and Ayu Ting Ting. They took turns appearing to spoil the loyal viewers of RCTI.


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