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The Excitement of Celebration TV Series Aku Bukan Ustadz Reborn from MNC Pictures

BEKASI - MNC Pictures presents a mainstay program through a TV series titled “Aku Bukan Ustadz Reborn”, which has premiered on RCTI. This TV series is a sequel drama from Aku Bukan Ustadz Mendadak Soleh, which previously aired on Ramadan this year.

It had gotten the top rating during its broadcast in the last Ramadan, the TV series “Aku Bukan Ustadz Reborn” is believed to be the family's featured show in the afternoon. Moreover, in this TV series, there is a lot of drama and romance conflict, which are guaranteed to make the audience more excited.

“That's why the story is not really religious like Ramadhan, but we make the story to be more drama and more action,” said the Producer, Gatot Prayitno, on the event of celebration and watching together the premiere TV series “Aku Bukan Ustadz Reborn”, in Jatisampurna, Bekasi City, West Java.

“Aku Bukan Ustadz Reborn” starring with talented actors and actresses, such as Cemal Faruk, Michelle Ziudith, Susan Sameh, Enzy Storia, Marcell Darwin, Surya Saputra, Roy Marten and others. The story itself tells the figure of Sholeh (Cemal Faruk) whose life changed 180 degrees after the woman he admired, Amanda (Michelle Ziudith), continued her studies in Cairo.

“It's surely different because during Ramadhan yesterday, the content is more religious and comedy. The current one is actually a sequel, but there are points that we want to open about Sholeh's family story, and we reduce the religions. We also add new characters there. There are Susan Sameh, Enzy Storia, as well as several other casts,” he said.

Gatot hopes that “Aku Bukan Ustadz Reborn” TV series, which will now air every day on national television, will become an entertaining spectacle and can be accepted by the people in Indonesia.

“We wish this TV series could be number 1. The biggest expectation from this MNC Pictures production, what we present, what we produce is acceptable to the audience. Because for me, this TV series is not only for entertaining but there also for the guidance,” he concluded.


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