Sunday, 03 November 2019 15:06 wib
Kiko Run Game Enliven MNC Fest 2019

JAKARTA – Today, MNC Fest 2019 was held. This time the event was filled with various activities that start from Eco Fun Walk, Esports, Meet & Greet Artist, and others.

Accompanying this holiday or weekend, you can bring your family or children to MNC Fest 2019. Specifically, there is one booth for children, the Kiko Run booth, from MNC Games.

As Okezone observed, this booth invites visitors to download the Kiko Run game on the Android and iOS platforms. The booth also features a Kiko-themed puzzle game box.

In addition to the Kiko puzzle, visitors can also find educational posters for children and other Kiko-themed games.

For your information, in May 2019, the total number of downloads of the Kiko Run game reached 1,000,000 user downloads.

It makes MNC Games optimistic about continuing to improve the quality of the game, so it’d make users interested in continuing to play the game and bring in new users.

Now the Kiko Run game has reached 2,000,000 user downloads. With this amazing achievement, MNC Games is very optimistic that it can become a market leader in the gaming industry that will bring the works of the nation's children to the international market.


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