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MNC Group 30th Anniversary, Hashtag #HariIniMNCFest2019 Became Trending Topic Number One

MNC Fest 2019 is a highlight event of MNC Group 30th anniversary, which was held at Parkir Timur Senayan, Central Jakarta, Sunday (11/03/2019).

A series of MNC Group Anniversary events starting from Fun Walk, Meet & Greet Artist, Music Concert, Plating Competition, E-sport Competition, and planting 10,000 trees also complete this event.

Besides being attended by all MNC Group employees and staff, this event was also invaded by Jakarta residents who were doing activities during the car-free day moment.

There was a high enthusiasm from the residents who visited the booths and took part in the quizzes held by various MNC Group companies.

Not only in Senayan, but the excitement of MNC Group 30th Anniversary also enlivened by netizens.  Hashtags #HariIniMNCFest2019 and #Ultah30TahunMNCGroup became the number one trending topic on Twitter.

Some of the netizens also congratulate them.  As stated by the owner of the account @Ratna_Reo,

“Happy birthday, hopefully, the more you get, you can be cooler and successful,” he said.

A similar sentence was also conveyed by the account holder @HijaimahNg13,

“Congratulations #Ultah30TahunMNCGroup, I hope you can be more victorious and more entertaining for all of us,” it said.

They also hope that MNC can become the number one media for unifying the nation.

“Happy 30th-anniversary MNC Group, hopefully, you can be more prosperous and become number 1 in Indonesia,” account @riantihoki wrote.

The account holder of @SyarifDhea hopes that MNC Group can grow more advanced and keep up with the times.

“Happy birthday, always success, more cool, more glorious, and more advanced. Amen,” it said.

In addition to congratulating, netizens are also invited people to attend and enliven the MNC festival 2019.

“Wow, it must be a lot of delicious food booths there, you have to come to MNC Fest 2019 and try it,” wrote the account holder @windawati_23.


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