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After Angela Tanoesoedibjo became a Vice Minister, Hary Tanoe: Bring Tourism and Creative Economy to the Higher Rank

JAKARTA – Chairman of MNC Group Hary Tanoesoedibjo made MNC Group's 30th Anniversary at the MNC FEST 2019 as the moment to release Angela Tanoesoedibjo from MNC Group's Board of Directors to become Vice Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy.

Based on the Indonesia Stock Exchange Information Disclosure 30 October 2019, Angela Tanoesoedibjo immediately resigned on Monday (10/28/2019) from the Director of PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk (MNCN) after being appointed as Tourism and Creative Economy Vice Minister on Friday (10/25/2019).

“I want to release Ibu Wamen, who was a member of the MNC Group's Board of Directors, now has her duties in our beloved country. We pray that she can bring tourism and the creative economy to a better level,” said Hary, at MNC Fest 2019, a series of MNC 30th Anniversary event, at GBK Senayan, Jakarta, Sunday (11/03/2019).

Hary hopes his eldest daughter is able to bring tourism to a higher level so that they can build a better national economy and foreign exchange. 

In addition, the creative economy also encourages high value, including digital applications, fashion, music, culinary, and so on.

“We pray for Bu Wamen, so she can truly develop the creative economy as much as possible. The country is dominated by young people, needs work, and this is an important part. The creative economy can provide jobs, and become a better value for all of our young adults,” he said.

In her opening speech, Angela said she learned many things during 11 years building a career, working at MNC Group.

“I learned about vision, about perseverance from Mr. Hary. I learned how to work with prayer, with a heart as Mrs. Liliana taught. I also learned from the directors how we must work with integrity and full responsibility, even though people don't always see it," Angela Tanoesoedibjo said.

In addition, she also learned to work as a team.  “With strong and solid teamwork, then we can achieve our goals," she explained.

Angela is grateful for all that she has gotten.

"When I was a kid, and someone asked me what is my dream? It's simply to serve the nation and country. Maybe when I was young, I didn't understand what that meant. When I worked at MNC, what I always do is work, giving positive things to the society,” said Angela.

Inevitably, through various programs, including Bedah Rumah, Angela has renovated 470 society's houses, which they cannot repair it by themselves, to be livable.

With this opportunity given to Angela, she will work for the community and open all inputs for future improvement.

“Hopefully, I can work well again. At the end of this speech, I would like to say a happy 30th Anniversary for MNC. I hope you can be more successful, more prosperous its employees, and we pray together that MNC Group can continue to be our common pride, and always have a positive impact for Indonesia,” said Angela.


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