Monday, 25 November 2019 23:44 wib
Indonesian Idol 2019: Ola Delivers a Standout Performance, Anang Argues with Ari Lasso

JAKARTA - Anang and Ari Lasso were arguing about Ola’s outstanding performance as one of Indonesian Idol 2019 contestants. For Anang, Ola’s performance when he was singing I Love You Bibeh by The Changcuters was less special.

Meanwhile, according to Ari Lasso, Ola was successfully bringing the whole studio to sing together.

Suddenly, it caused debate between the two judges. For Anang, Ola should be able to make the audience dance with him.

"This song should be able to make people sway," Anang said during Indonesian Idol 2019 Spectacular Round at RCTI+ Studio, Monday (11/25/2019).

Anang's statement made Ari Lasso confused because he didn’t mention that before.

"Previously, you said that he gave an unspecial performance and now you’re asking him to make the audience sway? So which one is true? "Ari asked Anang.

After that, Ola had to sing one more time and he nailed it because the audiences finally swayed with him. Ari Lasso asked Anang about Ola’s second performance since other judges were satisfied and pleased with it.

“Are you satisfied, Mas?” he asked.

Answering Ari Lasso's question, Anang ensured that it would be impossible to happen if not because of his criticism. "It has happened (Ola’s better performance) because of my first comment," Anang said, laughing.


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