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Celebrate 7th Anniversary, MNC Shop Spoils Its Customers

JAKARTA - MNC Shop is even seven years old today. In order to celebrate its anniversary, MNC Shop held a Birthday celebration by spoiling its customers.

CEO of MNC Shop, Jimmy Jeremia said that seven years is not a short time. According to him, there was a role from suppliers to consumers who up to seven years were still loyal to accompany MNC Shop.

“Seven years is not a short time. We grow up there not because of our strength, but because of our best suppliers are always providing support. In addition, our loyal customers always believe,” he said at the MNC Shop Anniversary event at iNews Building, Jakarta, on Saturday (7/12/2019).

Jimmy wished that with the 7th Anniversary, MNC Shop would still continue to provide the best for consumers. One of the way, by improving services in terms of sales platforms, people would be easier when shopping at MNC Shop.

“Our hope, we can give the best. We give the best solutions to MNC shop consumers. With the development of this era, we can compete both online and on TV shopping,” he said

Until now, there are already 900,000 active customers who shop at MNC Shop. Usually they spend health products, fashion and kitchen.

“Total transactions are approximately 900,000 active. They shop once a year, twice a year there. They spend their shopping more to health. The second is fashion. Third is kitchen. Four is living rooms and other, then beauty,” said Jimmy.

Another way is to continue to hold suppliers from domestic and overseas. Until now there are 58 active suppliers that continue to sell goods in the MNC Shop.

“There are 58 local active suppliers from Taiwan, China, and Korea. We definitely add suppliers,” he said. In addition, in this event MNC Shop also changed its name to M-Shop. This is expected to be increasingly remembered by loyal customers and the entire event community.

Various events were presented in the MNC Shop's seventh anniversary celebration. From health education talk shows with Doctor Boyke, fashion shows, and acoustic music entertainment programs.

In this event, this supplier would also be spoiled by discounts on products sold, such as watch accessories, clothes and household appliances.


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