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Hold Gala Premiere Event, Titus: Mystery of The Enygma Released January 9, 2020

JAKARTA – In early 2020, Indonesia presents a local animated film from MNC Animation and MNC Pictures. It was Titus: Mystery of the Enygma that released and entertained Indonesian families on January 9, 2020.

The animated film Titus: Mystery of the Enygma tells the story of the character of Titus, a mouse who becomes a detective to solve the mystery about enigma. It is a device that scientists have found to produce unlimited clean energy.

Not just entertaining like an animated film, Titus: Mystery of the Enygma also raised related issues about environment, especially air pollution. So it also presents an educational value that is suitable for children to teenagers.

“We hope that this Titus: Mystery of the Enygma animated film could give other colors in the film industry, especially animated films in Indonesia. Because this film can not only be enjoyed by children, but also among adult audiences, making it suitable for families,” said Head Movie of MNC Pictures Emilka Khaidir at the Gala Premier event of Titus: Mystery of the Enygma at XXI Kota Kasablanka, Tebet, South Jakarta, Monday (1/6/2020).

Meanwhile, Deputy CEO of MNC Animation Ella Kartika said, her party was committed to providing animated films of international standard quality. Because, Titus: Mystery of the Enygma will also be brought to the international market.

“At present we have met several countries and commitments in the Southeast Asian region to show this film. If the screen targets itself, we will air in theaters of Indonesia to 187 screens,” said Ella Kartika.

Besides Titus, other interesting characters are Fira the smart and beautiful scientist, Bobit the magician rabbit, Bulpan the evil cat, Pip and Jessica.

Interestingly, these characters are voiced by actors and actresses. Among them are Arbani Yasiz (Titus), Ranty Maria (Fira), Lukman Sardi (Bobit), Robby Purba (Bulpan), and Jessica Tanoesoedibjo (Jessica).


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