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Agseisa Cried after Eliminated from Indonesian Idol, These are Top 8 Contestants

JAKARTA – Spekta Show Top 9 round of the Indonesian Idol X was over. One contestant has to go home tonight and cannot continue on the spectacular Indonesian Idol stage. She is Agseisa.

Agseisa could not hold back her tears when her name was called by host Daniel Mananta had to stop her step on the stage of Indonesian Idol X. Agseisa was in the lowest position with Mirabeth Sonia and Ainun Irsani.

Of course, Agseisa's sadness was reasoned. The reason is; she has not been able to give the best to his mother.

Agseisa fought from stage to stage in Jakarta. And, it cannot be separated from the support of her mother.

Of course this is not the end of Agseisa's career as a singer. After Indonesian Idol, Agseisa still had a chance to develop her abilities in the field of singing.

Meanwhile Ainun who was in the lowest position, joined in tears had to part with Agseisa. Although of course, she was afraid while waiting for the announcement.

Ainun's good performance until she got five standing ovations, apparently did not guarantee her to be in a safe position. In fact, the votes she won were also low.

Meanwhile in the Top 9 round, Ainun sang an old song titled “Seandainya Aku Punya Sayap”, which was popularized by Rita Butar Butar. This song was very touching and touched the whole studio, including Judika who was moved to tears at the end of the song.

“Ainun, you have returned,” Ari Lasso said at RCTI+ Studio, Jakarta, Monday (1/6/2020).

Armand Maulana praised Ainun's performance for being able to give an deep emotion in her song. The vocalist Gigi admitted that he felt goose bumps while listening to Ainun's voice.

“Ainun, alus pisan! You sang a very old song that belonged to Rita Butar Butar at that time I was very young. You proved that the song is old but you brought feelings to the song and made Judika cry. Everyone was standing applause. I really got goosebumps.” said Armand Maulana.

Judika, who was crying, admitted that he felt the emotion brought by Ainun in her singing.

“I know, you sing for someone but I don't know who the person is. You make me feel this song. Honestly, I rarely cry and this song makes me very emotional,” Judika said.

By entering the Top 8 round, Ainun can breathe freely. She joined the seven other contestants who had passed before. They are Lyodra, Mahalini, Novia, Ziva, Nuca, Tiara, and Mirabeth.

The excitement is not over yet, the eight contestants will surely be presenting their best songs at the Spekta Show Top 8 next week. For that, give as many votes as possible for your favorite idols to keep fighting on Indonesian Idol 2019.

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