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At Film Screening of Animation Movie TITUS, Angela Tanoesoedibjo: Let's Watch and Support Indonesian Animation

JAKARTA - Vice Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Angela Tanoesoedibjo watched the premiere of animation movie ‘Titus – Mystery of The Enygma’.

Her presence was one of the ways to support animation movie industry created by Indonesian film makers.

 “Let’s watch and support Indonesian Animation,” said Angela after watching Titus at XXI Kota Kasablanka, Menteng Dalam, South Jakarta, Monday (6/1/2020).

To her opinion, Titus – Mystery of The Enygma is an educative movie that tells about friendship.

 “Its storyline is very interesting, and of course it can be watched by everyone,” Angela said.

Angela encourages all Indonesians to watch Titus – Mystery of The Enygma at cinemas all over Indonesia.

On the occasion, Angela’s kids, Theodore Maximilian Dharmajaya and Madeline Dharmajaya, came along with her to also watch the movie.

According to Angela, the movie directed by Dineshkumar Subashchandra offers appealing plot as well as delivers positive message. Therefore, it is suitable to be watched by all family members.

Titus – Mystery of The Enygma will be playing at all cinemas in Indonesia on January, 9 2020.

As the movie’s release date in Indonesian cinemas approaching, MNC Animation and MNC Pictures held Gala Premiere of Titus – Mystery of The Enygma.

Deputy CEO of MNC Animation Ella Kartika said that Titus – Mystery of The Enygma suggests interesting story and will trigger audience’s curiosity in solving a mystery.

 “Besides, we can also learn the positive messages delivered in the movie. Thus, this movie is not only entertaining and fun, but also there are some lesson to learn as well,” she said.

Moreover, one of the animated characters represents a domestic animal of Indonesia.

 “Of course, there are some Indonesian elements that are included, as we said before, the initial idea of Fira was Komodo dragon. It is one of the elements we meant although later appears with some modification,” she said.

MNC Animation and MNC Pictures ensures Titus – Mystery of The Enygma will also be played at several cinemas abroad.

Head of Movie of MNC Pictures Emilka Chaidir hopes Titus – Mystery of The Enygma will be well-accepted by everyone, as children movies are currently on high demand in Indonesia.

 “We see that the demand of children movies is pretty high. MNC Pictures already has a number of movies and thank God this early year we try to take a step further to release Animation film,” he said.

He is also hoping that Titus will bring out a more diverse film industry in Indonesia.

 “We are hoping that Titus can put another color into the movie industry in Indonesia. Wish it will receive a warm welcome not only from children, but also from adults and all family members,” he stated.

Before Titus, MNC Animation has been successful with an animated character named Kiko on television. It has been distributed to over 50 countries.

Furthermore, the production process of Titus – Mystery of The Enygma took four long years.  Not only it is detail-oriented, it also promises quality as is brought to life by well-known figures as its voice overs.

Well-known actor Lukman Sardi voices a rabbit magician named Bobit, while the main character, the Titus mouse, is voiced by Arbany Yasiz. Robby Purba presents the voice of a cat called Bulpan, Ranty Maria as Fira the lizard, and Jessica Tanoesoedibjo takes part as a special cameo named Jessica.

Titus is a character adopted from a Just For Kids magazine. In the film, it follows Titus as the main character, a ground rat working as a detective to solve mysteries.