RCTI+, is the largest AVOD superapp in 2022. This app consists of 5 content categories which include video services (streaming, video on demand, and other creative content), news aggregators, audio aggregators (audio series, audio books, podcasts, and radio aggregators), UGC talent competition, and music.  As of December 2022, RCTI+ has amassed more than 66.9 million monthly active users.

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  • Vision+

    Vision+, is the fastest growing SVOD Superapp in 2022 that gives users access to over 20,000 hours of exclusive video on demand content, over 110 local and international premium linear channels, and original content produced by Vision Pictures.  In addition, Vision+ also provides more than 74 games to increase traffic & engagement for its users.  As of December 2022, Vision+ has close to 40 million monthly active users and 2.4 million paid subscribers.

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  • Starhits & MCN

    StarHits is Digital media company that provides services, in terms of creating, distributing, managing, monetization of content.

    MCN is an official partner of YouTube that works with video platforms to offer assistance to a channel owner in area such as: content development, cross promotion, digital rights management, monetization/sales and audience development.

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  • Okezone

    Okezone.com is an online news and entertainment portal that focuses on Indonesian readers both in Indonesia and those living abroad. Okezone.com has a variety of content such as general news, politics, events, international, economy, lifestyle, celebrities, sports, football, auto, technology, Travel, Food, Hajj and Muslim.
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  • SINDOnews

    SINDOnews provides access to accurate, quality and fast information to the wider community. The news packaged by SINDOnews is more in-depth and comprehensive so that it can become a reference for decision makers in government, business people, politicians and students as well as related stakeholders. SINDOnews news categories include National, Metronews, Regional, Economics and Business, International, Sports, Soccer, Automotive, Science, Techno, Education, Gen Sindo, Kalam and Lifestyle.

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  • iNews.id

    iNews.id is a networked news portal consisting of national news portals and regional portals. iNews.id carries the vision of becoming an inspirational and informative national and regional news portal and has a mission of providing news and online features that are easy to read, in-depth, accurate, attractive (multimedia base), as well as inspiring anyone, anywhere, anytime.
    iNews.id provides a variety of content covering national news (politics, law, megapolitans and events), international, economics, sports, lifestyle, automotive, technology and travel. The various content is enriched with regional news from all over Indonesia which synergizes with the iNews television station.

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  • IDX Channel

    In addition to presenting information on economic policies, corporate actions or performance of listed and unlisted companies, idxchannel.com has the power to present information about stocks and policies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange and Financial Services Authority.
    idxchannel.com is getting closer to potential investors or novice investors, the majority of whom come from young people, who so far are often called Investor Friends through broadcasts and material on social media IDX Channel, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook.
    The idxchannel.com menu also offers a number of menus such as News, Economic, Market News, Market Data, Banking, Technology, Sharia, Milenomic, Ecotainment, Economica, Photos, and Videos.
    In the end, the idxchannel.com aims to educate as much as possible to the public so they care about the world of investment and the future of a prosperous Indonesian economy.
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  • ROOV

    ROOV is part of RCTI+, where you can enjoy all the radios in Indonesia. Apart from radio, various podcast content, sound stories, audiobooks, spirituality and videos are also here.
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