• RCTI +

    Carrying the tagline One Application, All Entertainment, RCTI + aims to be the largest streaming service that complements the existence of the Company's FTA. In addition to the live streaming of the four FTAs, RCTI + provides its users with access to MNCN's content library, catch-up TV features and original content such as bloopers and behind-the-scenes. RCTI + also provides news collections from trusted sources and streaming audio-radio-podcasts, as well as enjoying other interactive content such as quizzes, voting, and live chat with MNC artists. Other features such as UGC for talent competition content dedicated to RCTI + and game aggregators. Since starting operations in 2019, RCTI + has had a monthly active user base (MAU) of more than 32 million.

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  • Okezone

    Okezone.com is a general news portal that serves Indonesian readers at home and abroad.

    Okezone.com provides a variety of news content including news, politics, events, international, economy, lifestyle, celebrities, sports, automotive, technology, travel, Muslim, and multimedia news.

    Okezone.com was launched on 1 March 2007 and is the first online media business from MNC. Okezone.com is currently the number one portal in Indonesia (Alexa Rank - 2020).

    There are still a lot of opportunities for Okezone.com to grow, considering the number of internet users in Indonesia is also expanding significantly in recent years.

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  • Sindonews.com

    Sindonews.com is a large and influential news portal that was established on July 4 2012 and has the tagline "Not Ordinary News" which has become a differentiating factor from other portals. Sindonews.com provides accurate, quality information quickly to the wider community. News are packaged more deeply and comprehensively so that it can become a reference for decision makers in government, business, politicians and related stakeholders. To strengthen the in-depth and analytical news, Sindonews.com is supported by an independent and credible Research and Development team. One of the strengths of Sindonews.com is that it is under the auspices of the MNC Group, one of the largest media groups in Southeast Asia led by Mr. Hary Tanoesoedibjo. This power creates strong news collaboration with portals under the synergy of MNC Group such as Okezone.com, iNews.id, IDXchannel.com, Celebrities.id, RCTI +, Vision +, ROOV and MNCTrijaya.com.

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  • iNews.id

    iNews.id is a news portal consisting of national portals and regional portals, part of the MNC Group. iNews.id carries the vision of becoming a national and regional news portal that is inspiring and informative and has a mission to present news and online features that are easy to read, in-depth, accurate, attractive (multimedia base), and inspiring to anyone, anywhere, anytime. “.id” presents diverse content covering national news (politics, law, megapolitan and events), international, economy, sports, lifestyle, automotive, technology, and travel. The various contents are enriched with regional news from all over Indonesia in synergy with the iNews television station. Various iNews.id content are also in line with the coverage of all media in the MNC Group, including RCTI, MNCTV, GTV, MNC Channel, Koran Sindo, Okezone.com, Sindonews.com, IDXchannel.com, Celebrities.id and MNC Trijaya FM.

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  • IDXChannel.com

    IDXChannel.com is an economic news portal launched on the Main hall of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in Jakarta on October 8, 2018. The presence of the IDXChannel.com portal complements the TV IDX Channel which has been present since August 2015. TV IDX Channel is present on the channel selection of Indihome, MNC Vision, and First Media. Under the company PT Tivi Bursa Indonesia, IDXChannel.com does not only provide information about the Capital Market, but also Global economic events, the Government's economic policies, Bank Indonesia, the Financial Services Authority did not escape IDX Channel's news. Not only macroeconomics, Microeconomics such as MSMEs, which are currently active, are also in the spotlight of IDX Channel's news. Now, IDXChannel.com also reaches readers Millennials with information about Start Ups, Investment Education, to tips and tricks for budding business people. By having loyal readers in big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Medan, Makassar, etc., IDX Channel continues to expand its reach through the Media network. MNC Group. Going forward, IDXchannel.com will continue to be friendly to investors, entrepreneurs or business people, in presenting information for the first time before making a decision.

  • Celebrities.id

    Celebrities.id is a portal around celebrities and lifestyle which is part of the MNC Group. Celebrities.id carries the vision of becoming an inspiring and educational portal and has a mission to present complete, exclusive and attractive online news and features (multimedia base), and inspire. Celebrities.id has diverse content including Celebrity (Indonesia, Hollywood, Bollywood), Entertainment (Music, Movie), K-POP (Drama, Idol), Health (Fit, Relationship), Fabulous (Fashion, Beauty), Travel (Destinations, Culinary), and Autotech (Automotive, Techno). In addition, there are also TV Star, Viral, Photo and Video channels. The various contents are enriched with news that synergizes with television stations in MNC Group. Celebrities.id is also more complete with news collaborations from portals under the support of other MNC platforms, such as Okezone.com, Sindonews.com, iNews.id, MNCTrijaya .com, IDXChannel.com, news aggregator RCTI +, and OTT Vision + as well as print media Koran Sindo.

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  • sportstars.id

    Sportstars.id adalah portal olahraga yang merupakan bagian dari MNC Group. Sportstars.id mengusung misi menjadi portal olahraga yang menyajikan beragam informasi dari berbagai cabang olahraga di dalam dan luar negeri dengan penulisan yang informatif, menarik, akurat, mendalam yang bisa menjadi referensi pembaca.

    Sportstars.id memiliki kanal Bola (Liga Inggris Liga Italia Liga Spanyol Liga Indonesia Liga Eropa Tim Nasional), Balap (MotoGP, F1), Ragam (Basket, Fighting, Netting), Sportaiment, dan Hobi. Selain itu, ada juga kanal Foto dan Video. Berbagai konten itu diperkaya dengan berita-berita yang bersinergi dengan stasiun televisi di MNC Group.

    Informasi Sportstars.id semakin lengkap dengan kolaborasi pemberitaan dari portal yang berada di bawah naungan MNC lainnya, seperti Okezone.com, Sindonews.com, iNews.id, MNCTrijaya.com, IDX Channel, Celebrities.id, RCTI+, Vision+ serta media cetak Koran Sindo.

    Link sportstars.id website

  • MCN (Multi Channel Network)

    StarHits is a leading digital creator network. We work with video platforms as our official partners such as Youtube, Facebook, and Tik-Tok that allows StarHits to manage content creator’s channels by offering assistance in areas such as content development/production, cross-promotion, digital rights management, monetization/sales, and audience development.

    We do so by executing content production, managing video distribution, providing comprehensive insights from every available source, and helping to find influencers that suit your needs and negotiate them assisted by our certified Account Strategist.

    Link to MCN Website

  • ROOV

    The Home of Your Favorite Audio Entertainment.

    Only with ROOV, you can listen to all radio stations in Indonesia. Besides, you can also listen to audio content and your favorite podcasts. ROOV collects radio streaming according to your favorite genre. You can enjoy wide variety of genres and songs while on the road, or doing your daily activities.

    Link to Roov Website


  • eTV Mall

    MNC launched a new advertising breakthrough initiative in 2020 called E-TV Mall which allows TV viewers to purchase e-vouchers from advertisements on a TV program on its FTA channel through QRIS advertisements. Home viewers will be able to continue payments using the e-money application of their choice and enter MNC's E-Commerce platform called Aladin Mall to complete the transaction. QRIS advertisements will be charged a premium fee to advertisers and profit sharing between MNC and advertisers will be applied to each e-voucher sold. In addition, MNC received patent and copyright approvals for E-TV Mall for 50 years, preventing others from replicating business concepts, products and processes.